Lovium Time



We present a completely new product, a revolution that leaves behind the traditional body and hair care , to surprise all consumers:

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Lovium is a fragrance oil which provide excellent shine to hair and better hydration for the skin.


It is presented in 5 sensual fragrances capable of converting the beauty and daily care in unique, unrepeatable, seductive, mysterious sensory experiences …


The 3 phases of Lovium provide extraordinary softness and shine become caress every touch. 

Times have changed. How to take care of yourself, too.LOVIUM SHAKE&ENJOY




Lovium, fragrance oils, presented in 5 sensual fragrances.


Each product is divided into 3 phases, all together in one pack.


To apply the product must shake the container, to mix the three phases, and then applied on the hair and on the skin.


The 3 -phase mixed with sublime oils provide outstanding brightness and softness to the hair and skin hydration throughout the day, and make every touch a caress.